Private residence 

Client: Strömma Projekt AB

Completed: June 2014

Photography: Fredric Boukari (


Holiday House Vindö in Ukrainian magazine Objekt.

June 2014

Baskemölla II

A renovation of an existning private house from 1940 and an addition made in danish Petersen brick. Soon to be completed!

Project: 2012

Client: private

Location: Baskemölla, Skåne


Private house for a small family in Värmdö

Project 2012 - under construction 2014


A private residence consisting of three volumes that generates various outdoor spaces/courts yards sheltered from harsh northern winds and curious neighbours

The site is in the northern archipelago close to Kapellskär and the project is to be developed spring 2014


A new housing project with Strömma Projekt AB.

4 flats in 2 volumes in a park like setting with oak and walnut trees.

To be developed spring 2014

Staff Facilities 

Client: Upplands-Bro Kommunfastigheter AB

Project: 2014


Early sketches for the development of the ski resorts´ central area

Client: Tännäskröket AB

Project 2014

Grand Design

Vindö published in Grand Design #121, March 2014