Private residence in Ingarö outside Stockholm. Project completed 2020.

The idea to place the house on plinths floating above the granite mainly came from an aesthetical and conceptual point of view but also for practical reasons since the ground floor level had to be raised above the existing ground level to enable a smooth entrance to the site by car and further into the building by foot. This worked well with mine and my clients´ wish to leave the landscape surrounding the house as intact as possible.

The spatial configuration allows the use of the rooms to alter over the years. The main living space connects a separate room that can be used as a guest room, study or even master bedroom suite with a bathroom and terrace with a series of smaller rooms in a row. Each part of the building has direct visual and physical access to terraces and nature. A small separate building helps define outdoor spaces as well as offers a secluded place for work.

The construction principles are simple but efficient. Square in situ cast concrete plinths carries the load of the house and connects it to the ground. The roof construction is inspired by industrial buildings with visible loadbearing gluelam beams and glass foam insulation on a layer of plywood. This ads a material quality and sturdyness to the interior spaces as well as a clear techtonic rhythm. All walls are made as wooden frames. The outside is clad in wooden panel treated with tar paint and the inside in gypsum stucco. The window frames are natural wood on the inside and aluminum on the outside.

Images by Kiljan Eckerman